Foxtail Nightclub at SLS

Foxtail is the new swanky upscale lounge found at SLS Las Vegas. As one of two venues offering day and nightlife, Foxtail sets itself apart with its intimate setting, artistic expression, and self proclaimed, “sophistication with an edge.” It is the kind of place that gets the evening rolling. With doors opening at 5 pm, guests may indulge in drinks at the lounge, dancing in the club, or even a poolside culinary treat. Here at Foxtail, what casually begins with cocktails leaves the night open ended with a question mark.

While Foxtail is sizably modest in comparison to LiFE, its features are just as grand and stylish. In its 8,000 square feet of indoor space, guests will find ornate chandeliers, street art produced by calligrapher Tarek Benaoum, and state of the art LED technology (by SJ Lighting) suspended above the dance floor. There are two full-service bars, 28 VIP tables, and multiple DJ booths with one located centrally near the dance floor. If guests can’t seem to pry themselves away from the SLS casino, no need to worry. Foxtail even provides two Black Jack tables. The club is open format buoyed by a Funktion-One sound system, so the musical selection here will be varied but amplified. Add that to the growing list of features, and it will partially explain why Foxtail is a much talked about scene with anticipated celebrity appearances.

What truly distinguishes Foxtail from all the others is its expansive poolside lounge, Foxtail Pool, found at the heart of SLS Las Vegas. Tailored for the elite, this luxury pool deck sports 26 cabanas, 31 daybeds, and additional seating. There are hand crafted specialty cocktails and culinary creations available on their poolside menu, and once the pool party heads into the evening, guests will be surprised to find stunning 3D visuals mapped onto the neighboring parking garage and hotel wall. As a boutique club, it is only fitting that Foxtail resides in a boutique hotel like SLS Las Vegas. But don’t be deceived by its size – this intimate venue views the nightlife experience on a grand and glamorous scale.