Life Nightclub at SLS

LiFE, the latest nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip, complements the chic, sexy and luxurious elements of SLS Las Vegas. What SBE (creator of Hyde, Shelter and Greystone Manor) envisioned for LiFE is a nightlife scene unlike all the others. It is a scene that goes against the grain. Rather than place an emphasis solely on dance, music or special effects, they have given precedence to the one thing nightlife was initially created for – the people.

Offering both nightlife and daylife, LiFE is a multi-level venue that spans about 20,000 square feet with ceilings reaching over 60 feet tall. It is an intimate yet spacious setting designed to appeal to all the senses. In addition to the massive LED wall that utilizes state of the art lighting, there are aerialists and performers incorporated into the affair. They move throughout the space using zip lines and catwalks providing added visual stimulation.

When seeking a reprieve from all the action on the floor, guests may also enjoy any one of LiFE’s three full-service bars or relax at one of 70 VIP tables complete with bottle service and tiered seating. Looking for a moment to cool off? LiFE connects directly to Beach LiFE, SLS Las Vegas’s own rooftop pool. With an additional 10,000 square feet of space, Beach LiFE offers cabanas and daybeds any time of the day and night.

To SLS Las Vegas, LiFE nightclub is more than just entertainment. It is an immersive experience.